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Worker Bees Will Come To You

Worker Bees can deliver a variety of seminars to audiences large or small. Check out the abstracts at the links below. Seminar can be customized to meet your organization's specific needs.

Seminar #1: Blogging: What, How and Why?
Featuring 5 Ways to Use Blogs

Description: Blogging is a hot topic and was Webster's number one search term for the year 2004. Everybody seems to be blogging, and this seminar is designed to help anyone get in on the action. You'll learn what a blog is. You'll learn how to get started easily and economically. And you'll learn why you should blog. This seminar will help any individual or business figure out how blogging can contribute to reaching their specific goals.

"Blogging: What, How, Why?" Abstract

Seminar #2: Buzz Marketing for Arts Organizations:
Featuring 5 Simple Tools to Cost-effectively, Creatively Grow Your Audience

Description: Not every organization can afford dedicated marketing staff. This half-day seminar is designed for theatre marketers or anyone else trying to build a subscriber base or increase single ticket sales. Learn to spread the word, easily and cost-effectively. Learn how to build an interactive and loyal relationship with your audience. This presentation will present a practical how-to on 5 Simple Online Marketing Tools.

"Buzz Marketing for the Arts" Abstract

Seminar #3: Buzz Marketing for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Description: Whether you have a full e-commerce web site, or barely have email, you want to find new customers and drive them to your site, store or services. This half-day seminar will teach you how to make the most of the latest online marketing tools, focusing most heavily on search engine marketing and viral marketing with blogs and online communities.

"Buzz Marketing for Small-to-Medium Businesses" Abstract

Seminar #4: Advancing in a Technical World, Without a Technical Background

Description: This seminar helps the non-engineer learn how to advance in a technical environment. Designed for both high tech companies seeking to develop employees and special interest groups that provide motivational training sessions to their membership. The presentation outlines multiple routes to such advancement, focusing on four key lessons learned in the high-tech world.

"Advancing in a Technical World" Abstract
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