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As the name implies, Worker Bees gets the job done!

Worker Bees was founded in 2003 and our clients range from private and public high technology companies to small theatre companies. Worker Bees has executed an equally broad range of marketing consulting projects for those clients.

Worker Bees was founded by Elisa Camahort, known as our Queen Bee. Camahort left her position as Senior Director of Product Marketing at Terayon Communication Systems to consult and ultimately to form Worker Bees.

Camahort has spent a lifetime in the creative arts, 16 years in marketing and the last few years being seduced by the online universe. As a high tech marketer, Camahort has been published numerous times and has extensive public speaking experience. Today, Camahort conducts workshops and presentations about blogging, is the co-founder of the BlogHer organization and writes a monthly column entitled Silicon Veggie for the Metro weekly.

Camahort has kept her fingers in the high tech pie, via Worker Bees, consulting on everything from new product introduction processes to creating compelling white papers and presentations.

Camahort observed the impact of online buzz marketing first-hand, seeing the opportunity it presented to all sizes of company or organization. Worker Bees will guide even the most techno-phobic business owner or managing director through the daunting Internet landscape.

With both a creative and technical foundation, Worker Bees picks up on the latest technology buzz, so you won't have to!

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Profile of Elisa Camahort on

Profile of Elisa Camahort on

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