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12/11/2006: Healthcare Blogging Summit
Elisa Camahort will participate on a panel entitled "Healthcare Blogging: Strategy & Tactics".

12/11/2006: Downtown Women's Club, Washington DC
Elisa Camahort will will be the featured speaker giving a primer on the blogging and social media.

03/08/2007: New Communications Forum Elisa Camahort will participate on a panel about compelling content for corporate blogs.

03/11/2007: SXSW Interactive BlogHer will produce two panels, including Elisa Camahort moderating a panel entitled "Non-developers to Open Source Acolytes: Tell Me Why I Care?"

04/17/2007: Omaha Federation of Advertising
Elisa Camahort will be the featured speaker giving a primer on the impact of blogging on marketing professionals

Future BlogHer events announced:

What: BlogHer Business
When: March 22nd and 23rd, 2007
Where: New York, New York

What: BlogHer Conference '07
When: July 27th and 28th, 2007
Where: Chicago, IL

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