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Worker Bees consults on projects of every size and scope

Our goal is not to create cash cows, but rather to get in, get the right job done at the right time and get out. We understand that most business people know they need to invest in Marketing, but hope to do so in digestible chunks.

To that end, Worker Bees offers consulting in three flavors:

Marketing Analysis

Marketing 'Check-ups': Worker Bees will come in and spend a prescribed amount of time Reviewing current marketing and Recommending immediate next steps.

Web Site 'Check-Ups': Worker Bees will come in and spend a prescribed amount of time Reviewing your web site and determine whether or not you are maximizing the value of your web site investment.

Process 'Check-ups': Worker Bees has expertise in analyzing and developing business processes. Worker Bees will review existing processes and help you decide where to invest your energy and resources.

At the end of any Check-up, your obligation is done. 'Check-ups' represent a quick, cost-effective way to get pointed in the right direction.

Strategy, Planning & Process Development

Marketing Plans: Taking the 'Marketing Check-up' to the next level, Worker Bees will create a thorough and professional Marketing Plan for the ensuing year.

Web Site Scope of Work: Taking the Web Site 'Check-up' to the next level, Worker Bees will create a specific Scope of Work to direct your web designer on how to amplify the impact of your web site.

Process Development Projects: Taking the Process 'Check-up' to the next level, Worker Bees can work with cross-functional team members throughout your company to develop, define and roll out new or improved business processes, training as much of your company as required.

Marketing Content Development

Technical Marketing Content: Worker Bees will develop outstanding technical marketing tools for audiences ranging from internal to external, and at all levels.
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