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Marketing Consulting for High Technology Companies

"Worker Bees delivered two terrific marketing pieces for us, a technology white paper and presentation. Worker Bees really delivered."

John Dahlquist, VP of Marketing
Aurora Networks: A Whole New Light

Small or large; strategic or tactical; technical or business-oriented. Whatever your marketing consulting requirements, Worker Bees can deliver for you too. Our expertise in high tech marketing covers the following critical deliverables:

  • Business & Marketing Plans

  • Process Development: including forecast, product introduction, feature request tracking and field communication processes

  • Market Strategy

  • Sales Tools: including white papers, presentations, competitive analyses and trainings for sales teams or customers

Worker Bees offers seminars appropriate for a high tech audience.

Contact Worker Bees to get started:

Email to:

"Camahort took the New Product Introduction Process project that had been on the wish list for years and finally made it happen."

Jonas Persson, President of Tollgate Networks

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