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Worker Bees Manages Ongoing Marketing Programs

Worker Bees can buzz in, change your marketing life and buzz out again, but we are also there to support ongoing online marketing programs.

Worker Bees runs the following online marketing programs:

Blogging Programs

Short for 'web log', blogs are the latest innovative, creative and cost-effective Internet marketing tool. Blogs allow you to have ever-changing, dynamic content that gives your customer a reason to come see you far more often than your regular web site does. In addition, blogs can be as interactive as you choose, allowing your customers to comment on or even post to your blog.

Worker Bees is expert at whipping out interesting, current content for blogs. Learn more about Worker Bees Blogs.

Online Community Programs

Online communities are thriving, and their numbers are growing rapidly. Online communities are a great place to find people who share common interests and are seeking information regarding those interests. Whether you prefer to start your own online community or join and participate in existing ones, online communities are a great place to learn more about your prospective customers.

Worker Bees finds and participates in interest-specific online communities.

Online Advertising Programs

The old rules for online advertising are being thrown out the window. The key is to use traditional online advertising in targeted circumstances, and to shift toward the emerging powerhouse advertising method: search engine advertising.

Worker Bees will develop, monitor and refine online advertising campaigns.

Online Promotion Management

Creative, timely and valuable promotions will keep your customers coming back. Once your Marketing Plan determines which promotions you're going to run, and when, the next step is to manage rolling those programs out, monitoring their effect and refining your approach for the next time.

Worker Bees can manage your Online Promotion program.

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