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Worker Bees Blogs & Web Sites

Blogging is the latest tool for generating buzz about your organization.

Blogs are infiltrating the mainstream worlds of politics, business, journalism and more. Blogs are immediate and interactive, helping you establish an active, ongoing relationship with people interested in you and your business.

Still wondering about blogs? Get started by reading some Worker Bees blogs:

BlogHer LLC helped design and staff the Elexa by Trojan SexySmart Blog

The Elexa SexySmart Blog is a place for women to discuss sex, relationships and intimacy candidly and openly. The Elexa team wanted to move away from their MySpace web presence to start conversations with a more diverse segment of women online. BlogHer advised the team on strategy and execution to get their new blog up and running, and helped them promote it to a new segment of women bloggers.

The latest Worker Bees blog is the hip & zen pen

the hip & zen pen celebrates the modern aesthetic and progressive ethos embodied by the ecommerce site. We talk about doing business and doing good, life balance, causes and compassion...and totally hip, modern styles for Her, Him and the Home.

The Browster Blog: Internet Search Trends & Technologies

Browster is a great (and free) download that helps speed online searching...whether at Google, Yahoo, eBay or other similar sites. Worker Bees was a co-author on on the blog, talking paid search, browsing and Internet trends.

When it comes to health care it seems like everyone's got a story. aims to tell those stories, and provide some useful information too.

The Worker Bees blog

Of course we have our very own blog, recording day-to-day activities in and thoughts on our business.

The BlogHer Network

Check out the new and improved BlogHer Network and Community. List your blog. Learn about Conference '06. Participate in the forums. Find out "what's hot" in over 20 blog topic areas.

A blog for the country's oldest presenter of "Lost" Musicals, 42 St. Moon:

42nd St. Moon has gained national attention for its preservation and production of shows that are a part of musical theatre's heritage. Already blessed with a rabid following, they helped that following to spread the 42nd St. Moon light across a wider expanse.

The Foothill Music Theatre Blog"

This blog gives people an 'inside look' at what has been going on behind the scenes from Day One of rehearsal and will continue through Closing Night. Distributed to various culture and theatre-oriented online communities, the blog helps potential audience members learn about the show early and feel invested in the show's success:

"Worker Bees ran an entirely different kind of marketing campaign for us, with positive, measurable results. We sold more tickets; we sold more of them online; and we hopefully reached new customers."

Jay Manley, Artistic Director
Foothill Music Theatre

The official blog for the Santa Clara County Democratic Party

Blogging is now found on most politically oriented web sites. This blog is updated on the fly with every bit of breaking news or opinion, and interested parties comment on the stories, creating a dialog between the organization and its constituents.

"Camahort has created a dynamic, vibrant and consistently entertaining blog for the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Committee. Her contributions are a key part of our efforts to communicate with our constituents and drive them to our web site."

David Cohen
Santa Clara County Democratic Party Webmaster and Executive Board member

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